Beddie Bye

January 17, 2023

I am SO tired right now. Too, too many late nights (why, I don’t know… I think I’m accepting that I am both a night owl and an early-riser-wanna-be and can’t seem to get enough REM in between). But man… all I can think about right now is walkin’ down the hallway to the bedroom and disappearing under a mountain of billowy down and falling into a deep sleep. I can barely keep my eyes open … (it’s not even 8:30pm).

What I’m likely going to do, however, is blog (committed to daily blogging in 2023, new year’s resolution, you know), clear out my email inbox (inbox zero is another new year’s resolution), make sure all my texts are answered, check the calendar for tomorrow, avoid, hopefully, Instagram, THEN head down the hallway, do all the bathroom things, THEN THEN THEN disappear under that down cloud and ……. complete the NYT mini crossword (a nightly competition with Jim and Peter), dash off about fifteen games of Words With Friends (w/ Matty), then maybe go a few rounds of Spider, then, maybe, probably fall asleep with my phone in my hand around 2:00am.

My new year’s resolution about getting more sleep was too vague and nonspecific so I’m finding it hard to honor. Heh. Maybe in 2024.

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