WTF, Indeed

January 19, 2023

Since the day Trump got elected, or took office, or sometime thereabouts, I’ve subscribed to a newsletter called: WTF Just Happened Today, written by a guy named Matt who lives in Seattle and has been putting these one-sentence summaries out week-daily since that horrible, horrible day. He (Matt, that is) caught on right way, has a website, merch, etc. He’s a young man with a very young family and, like all of us, is beside himself. I’ve sent him money, not much but some, as have gabillions of others. He actually now has a bit of a staff to help with the daily research and such.

Every day — EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. — has been a true, WTF head-scratcher. His newsletter is always worth the 15-second read. Here is an example of today’s (unless I post this tomorrow, in which case it’s an example of yesterday).


The “Day 729” refers to where we are in the Biden presidency. He re-started his day count at the administration-shift. The sad truth is, even as we’ve moved on from the disastrous clown car T presidency, we haven’t moved beyond the shit show that he birthed and nurtured. So, WTFJHT continues. Not happy about the continued shit show, but always appreciate the newsletter. Always good for a head bonk.

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