January 2, 2023

This was Peter’s last day before flying home to Michigan, so he wanted to go somewhere.. which usually means San Francisco. Second time in a week, but… you know… San Francisco.

Since it was raining, again, we decided inside was the way to go… and I talked him into MOMA. Turned into a wonderful choice!

It wasn’t raining too hard so we opted for a bit of a walk first. This is shot from across the street at the Yerba Buena gardens; MOMA appears dwarfed by the buildings around it!

We missed the Diego Rivera exhibit (sold out today), but loved seeing some familiar artists, like Georgia O’Keeffe, Henri Matisse, Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Mark Rothko…

Some local favorites: Wayne Thiebaud and Robert Arneson ..

And a whole bunch that was new to me. I loved a huge exhibit by San Francisco artist Joan Brown, and another by a German painter Gerhard Richter.. here are a couple of theirs that I really liked (Brown first, then Richter):

We also saw this guy, Robert Indiana, who did the LOVE painting and sculpture. I read that there are some 50 of the sculptures spread around the country (maybe world). This may be, but I’m not sure, the original painting:

Here are a couple other museum shots… one taken of Peter on the bridge, where there was a colorful glass tunnel and a view of the floor five stories below, and another shot into a mirror that includes us both..

If we’d had more time (and if our legs had held up), we’d have spent countless more hours wandering around. Seven floors and so much to see.

Instead we went to dinner at an Italian place called Sodini’s…. old and full of North Beach character, but underwhelming foodwise. We followed that with a fantastic visit to Caffe Trieste for coffee and dessert:

And finally spent about an hour at City Lights before heading home.

I thought we fit in a lot, considering the SF portion of the day started at 2:00! Not unlike a trip to San Francisco last week that also started late in the day, or another to Sonoma that started so late we arrived to the square as it was getting dark! Adventures with Peter often begin late in the day. He is, as he’s always been, a late start kind of guy. Not a planner, thrives in the last minute. (To wit and in total character, he finally made his reservation for tomorrow’s flight at about 10:00 tonight.)

I cherish the time, though. Don’t mind the late starts or the long drives, even in the rain, even in the dark, even as we often listen to Ezra Klein podcasts about subjects well outside my knowledge zone! It’s all part of the Peter experience.

Love it all. Glad for every minute.

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