Empty Nest Redux

January 3, 2023

This is that part of the post Christmas phase when I go into a not-insignificant-depression. Ugh. It’s that day when Peter takes off and returns to his home-that’s-not-Davis, leaving a big hole in my heart. Ugh.

Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.

It’s been about nine hours since I dropped him off at the airport.. and for the most part I’ve distracted myself with 1) a nice walk and coffee with Vicki; 2) ants; 3) watching the shit-show that is the GOP House Speaker selection process; 4) ants; 5) ants; 6) dinner; 7) ants.

[I’ll write another post, likely, about the great December 2022 Ant Invasion.]

Now I’m sitting here by the fire, depression welling up. I have an overwhelmingly wonderful feeling of gratitude for our sweet little family unit, over-the-mooness that Peter’s got the world by the tail, and a deep sadness that Peter lives so far away and is so far out of observation and hug range. It’s that so-very-familiar mix of happiness and satisfaction mixed in with emptiness and longing for the olden days, with unfathomable, aching love wrapping its arms around the whole mess.

I didn’t take that many pictures of Peter this trip (shocking, I know, but he’s not all that agreeable to me snapping photos of him all the time). I do have a few of him, mostly taken without his knowing, and a few others that represent our mom/son outings (which I was hugely grateful to have this visit).

This is Christmas morning, he and Maya on the couch, opening presents, eating Jim’s babka:

Here’s another from later in the day. We hosted for the first time all the Frames for Christmas evening and dinner. This is Peter and Maya hanging out in the kitchen, talking with Monica, Janet and Maita. (I have lots more of Christmas day, but this post is about Peter and I’m digging this picture of him and Maya, both wearing Christmas gifts that I picked out, both of which were a hit!)

This is the Square in downtown Sonoma, a few days after Christmas. Peter and I drove over there just to goof around, check it out. I’m not sure Peter had ever been. We wandered around the entire square — a couple of times, actually — and ended up in a wine bar (Enoteca) for some cheese and wine. Very nice!

The next day, we drove down to San Francisco and spent a few hours wandering around the Embarcadero/Financial district. Here’s Peter entering a lovely little park — Sydney G. Walton Square (bounded by Front, Davis, Jackson and Pacific):

.. where there is a sweet statue of Georgia O’Keeffe:

We spent some time at the Ferry Building, as well, and had a late lunch at Boulette’s Larder and Boulibar, which was quite yummy. Then drove over to Emeryville to pick Jim up at the train station and headed to Monica and Dror’s in Oakland for dinner. Ben and Nina had just gotten back from Slovenia, so we got to hear about their trip; wonderful to see them!

And here are a couple from yesterday’s trip to San Francisco (again). Peter looking at an art piece at MOMA, and another at dinner at Sobini’s in North Beach:

My guy. I love him so. Miss him already. Glad for 12-ish great days, though!!!!!!! (Wishing Maya could have stayed the whole time.. also a topic for another time.)

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