Glistening Start to a New Year

January 1, 2023

Hi. Welcome back. I’m saying that as much to you as I am to me. It just occurred to me that it’s January 1 and I have thought for weeks, months, that when the new year begins I will resume a daily practice of picture posting and commentary. I miss it. I miss having a record (my favorite of all of my psychoses.. the need to document). So.. in the interest of embracing my inner goofball, I’m making an earnest, if tentative, blogging comeback.

I’ll start gently and see where it takes me.

Day One, Twenty Twenty Three.

It was a beaut. Windy as all get out this morning — good news, the redwood tree next door is still standing — followed by some near 60s sunshine. Janet and I took a brisk 4.3 mile walk around the Arb and talked about her retirement (wow) and our kids’ transformation into functioning, gorgeous adult humans. Jobs that fit like gloves, advanced degrees in the offing, solid relationships that seem significant. We also talked a bit about how sometimes we lag behind, still thinking we’re moms of kids who need our advice. Lol.

Both conversations were excellent first-day-of-the-year subject matter. New beginnings, milestone transitions… happy new year!

Here are some pics:

Late afternoon brilliance. There were so many people out and about.

Glistening, right?

There were a LOT of trees down. They blocked the path in numerous places. The one that caught my eye was the redwood in the redwood grove. I was struck by the shallowness of its roots and, of course, thought of the giant ~130 foot redwood about 100 feet from our house. Guessing on the numbers here, but terrifies me every time the north wind blows.

Finishing blog entry #uno on a positive note…. sitting by the fire looking over the top of my computer… this is my beautiful view. Does not get any better than this.

4 Responses to “Glistening Start to a New Year”

  1. Teresa Cheyney Says:

    Welcome back!thanks for the blog and the pics! Windy here, too.

    • Kari Says:

      Wow, I still have readers! Love that. Thanks. The wind was phenomenal and dramatic last night and this morning. Any damage up your way?

  2. Karen Powell Says:

    Welcome back! 😘

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