For The People

June 29, 2021

Felt good to be vaccinated, among vaccinated fellow activists, rallying at a federal building, advocating for the people.

Literally for the people: We were showing up to Senator Padilla’s office in Sacramento in support of the For the People Act — S1 in the Senate and HR-1 in the House.

Those recalcitrant republicans in the Senate, led by politics-before-democracy asshole Mitch McConnell, filibustered the bill before it could even be debated. Not even debated. Which I’ve already ranted about.

It was nice to be out on a lovely morning, in the State’s capital, blissfully among like-minded patriots, humanitarians and democracy lovers. And while it was fun, it also felt urgent: time’s running out on this one and I can’t see enough pressure applied to enough Senators to pull this thing out of the trash heap. We’ll see.

Some pics, some mine, some Sue’s (the good ones):

I’m not sure this is everybody.. about 50 folks here, from Indivisible Yolo, Sac and Colusa (but I think there were more like 100).

Some of the Davis folks. Another dozen of our peeps, at least, showed up.

This is a Sac Indivisible person (Harue) introducing Senator Padilla’s Sac field office staffer (Roberto):

Some signs get right to the point:

Our Steve was among those who made comments:

We did a little bit of this, when not listening to speeches:

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