‘Bout Time

June 19, 2021

People have been celebrating the emancipation of enslaved African Americans since June 19, 1865.. well, some have, anyway. And now, as of a couple of days ago, June 19th is officially, finally, appropriately and forever a new federal holiday. And now everybody can not only celebrate the end of slavery, but we can begin to work from a shared set of facts about our history of slavery in this country and try to understand its impacts, still, today.

Thanks President Biden!

Our president just keeps racking up good moves. He is doing right by the American people–restoring truth, compassion, dignity and honor to our country. It is surprisingly relieving. It feels like stress is just melting away with every passing day.

Not everyone feels the way I do.. which I always find so baffling and disappointing. I’ll never understand people.

To wit:

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Trevor Noah’s tweet has to do with the states that are up in arms about the idea of teaching critical race theory in schools. I don’t understand what people are afraid of, why they can’t accept that slavery–a monumentally significant part of our history–has shaped so much of our culture and continues to define and affect the views and behaviors of so many today. Who would dispute it? What is the threat in shining a light on that?

The establishment of Juneteenth as a national holiday is one of many important steps toward honoring truth and respecting the dignity of all Americans.

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