June 3, 2021

So… I’m walking into the kitchen yesterday morning, early….like a little before 6:00, I wanna say. And notice this:

It got my attention right away.. but maybe it doesn’t jump out at you in the same way… here’s a closer look.

It’s the shadow on the pillar… recognize her?

It’s RBG!

Ruth sits on our kitchen window sill, welcoming all who appear at our front door (and wielding her gavel and pointing the way toward justice!)…

Her soapbox is an Apple iPhone box (an irrelevant fact), and she shares the space with my Kamala mug (the one where the shadow she casts is of Ruby Bridges, the young black girl who was the first to attend a white school under desegregation in 1960 New Orleans.) It’s hard to see in the darkness of the morning… here’s a clearer image:

2 Responses to “Shadows”

  1. Vicki Crescitelli Says:

    Amazing and wonderful.

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