Four Beautiful Things

April 26, 2021

Happy Monday to you.

I dreaded today because I’d let a writing project hang over my head for a couple of weeks and — so incredibly baffling to me — could not make myself do it.. and yet, hadda. Clock was ticking, time was running out… I really had no choice but to do it… like, today.

So… beautiful thing #1, I headed downtown to sit at Cloud Forest and write my article. On the way, was mesmerized by a skyful of amazing clouds on a clear, crisp spring day:

Beautiful thing #2 was this yummy avocado toast. I love the way Cloud Forest does theirs… with toasted sesame seeds, cherry toms and a bit of olive oil and salt. Heaven on toasted sourdough.

Beautiful thing #3 was meeting a woman named Mary, who looks like she’ll work out great as our new yard maintenance person who is also a horticulturist and can — in addition to yard maintenance — advise on plants, advise on the planting of our new vegetable garden, prune and shape trees, and other stuff, too. I’m thrilled and relieved and feel 1000% less apprehensive about our yard’s future.

Beautiful thing #4… that article. It may not be done, but a draft is done and presently in the hands of a real editor who can (gently or brutally) steer me in a constructive direction. I think I’m over the hump of reluctance and procrastination.

Beautiful, right?

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