Garden Beds and Orchards

April 21, 2021

Nothing says you gotta lotta work aheada ya like a whole buncha newly built and empty garden beds. Also, Ruben & Co planted the fruit trees… so now we have a working orchard! (Huge overstatement.) Here are some pics of where the backyard stands today:

Taken from the observation tower.. farthest north is the mandarin orange tree, then the meyer lemon and then the existing plum. A portion of the nearly finished beds on the right (irrigation lines to be connected next week, then I can plant them):

Moving my camera to the right to catch a bit more of the beds and a good portion of the patio:

Here is a wider view of this part… lots of construction stuff still to be cleared out, but it gives an idea of the full beddage:

Now, looking down the other side, an overhead shot of the hammock.. and you can see the start of a fig tree (far right). Out of view is the newly planted nectarine… in lower right, if you could see it:

And because the color is magnificent.. the last blooming purple tulip. Couldn’t you just live in that tulip, surrounded forever by that color?