Bran Loyalty

April 18, 2021

We might be getting weirder. I know it’s not THAT weird to buy one’s cereal by the case… people do weirder things, for sure. And I can totally defend buying it by the case…makes sense on a health level, on an efficiency level, and on a convenience level.

But what I’m noticing as we both age, is that we seem to be getting deeper and deeper into our daily rituals, and our innocent little daily rituals are starting to look a lot more like disturbing little neuroses. Our habits and patterns are getting so regular that we can each set clocks to each other’s comings and goings. We are turning into the people we used to sit in humorous judgment of.. those weirdos who ate or laundered or TV’d on a schedule.

That’s us!


Raisin bran… it’s what’s for breakfast.