Zoomy Vent Weakened

April 25, 2021

It was a two-Zoom-event weekend.

There was a concert….

This was Monica’s very interesting and non-traditional singing troupe from the Bay Area, Volti, performing another of its made-for-Zoom concerts. This is the fourth one I’ve “attended” this year and, as if the music isn’t out-of-the-box worthy enough, the performance online is so clever and different.

This was a performance called “Ink” and each of the five pieces was a variation of that: drink, blink, think, link and, finally, ink. This is how they describe it:

“Ink” (a choral work in five movements) by Pamela Z is a work that unfolds in five sonically distinct movements that variously use standard notation, graphic elements, instructions, and rote transmission of sung and spoken vocal material. Speech fragments from interviews with the Volti singers make up a portion of the sonic structure and determine some of the work’s melodic and rhythmic passages.

Here’s a screen grab from the think movement:

(I wonder if this means Monica’s mind is blank?) (Which it never is, btw!)


So.. there was that.

And then there was a 59th birthday party for Lisa! Five sisters and five honorary sisters.. our whole Northern Michigan Vicki birthday gang. We came with hats and stories. Best Lisa story: the time she brought her horse Dudface into her bedroom… just… to do it. Walked him right in through a sliding glass door that lead to the backyard. At some point, she worried he might poop, so she got him outa there… not sure her mom saw it.. but there are pictures…

Ann had left just before this pic was snapped (by Karen).. but here we are: me, Lisa, Claire, Karen, Leslie, Vicki, Leah, Betsy, Lauren:

Weekend also featured a nice lemon piccata chicken dinner (Chef: Janet); a short, but spectacular rain storm; a springy, lovely Farmer’s Market; a rushed brunch this morning at Bernardo’s (but notable b/c it was Jim’s and my first time eating indoors in Davis); and now, as I type this, the Oscars! (Notable for maybe not being a Zoom-event… we’ll see, it’s on the verge of starting after a very different red carpet.)

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