On Freedom

March 27, 2021

One thing I’ll say: Freedom is not the right to not wear a mask. Let’s just get that out. But freedom IS the ability to travel once you’re vaccinated — the liberation, the safety, the consideration of others — the right to be out in public, privilege to be out in public, mixing with humanity, seeing family, seeing friends.

So.. I did that.

And it does feel like an enormous freedomy freedom.

As I write this, it’s Saturday, March 27th. I left last Monday (the 22nd) and returned last night. I am going to go back and enter — day by day — photos and commentary from my southland trip, pretending I did it concurrently. I didn’t do it concurrently, however, because — weird — I FORGOT MY LAPTOP. In the history of me, I have NEVER forgotten to take my laptop on a trip out of town. There have been times (very few) when I’ve opted NOT to take it (like, foreign travel, for example), but have never been without it on a simple southland trip. It’s worth noting that I made the effort, when packing last weekend, to provision my computer bag with all the necessary accoutrements, and didn’t forget to load into the car that well-equipped bag… I just forgot the actual laptop. (Such a shock when discovered.)

So… of course… I didn’t blog the whole time I was away. Gonna do that now. And catch up with Davis life and settle in on the homefront.

I return to 250 unread emails (just); a garden full of blooming bulbs (they worked!) (and wow!); an astonishing array of weeds (ugh); a partially (very) built set of raised beds around the patio; erected & stained redwood frames (beautiful), ready for metal panels (also beautiful)!

The big news items while I was gone (some of which I kept up with via CNN on Sirius whenever in the car): mass shooting in Boulder; follow up on mass shooting in Atlanta (so nice that the US is once again open for mass shooting business as usual); Biden’s first presidential press conference; the possibility of a revised — if not eliminated — filibuster; and Peter is scheduled for his first Covid vaccine next week.

With that… I’m going to upload some pics and put together some brief commentary on the past week, and back-post chronologically. Not momentous, but sorta momentous in these times of near-post pandemic.

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