Panels in Placentia

March 22, 2021

My main reason for driving down to the south land was to retrieve our custom metal panels in Placentia .. saving $700+ in shipping costs! Arranged to pick them up as soon as I was beyond the two-week post-vac point so I could add some non-stressful family visits. So.. damn… it worked out beautifully.

Finding “Artisan Panels” was a bit tricky, since that name is nowhere to be found. The fact is, they are primarily a precision metal laser cutting business (their largest client is SpaceX and a letter from Elon Musk hangs in their lobby). But because they have the set up for large scale metal work, they throw in this other side business.. artisan panels for all kinds of decorative consumer and business applications. That was us. Here’s a corner of their vast warehouse (I’d have loved seeing the manufacturing side of the house.. but I was eager to get on the road).

Here is Mark and a warehouse guy loading the panels. They just fit.

Not much more to say about that (skip ahead to Sunday’s blog post to see them installed…). I was just pleased that from concept to design to ordering to collecting, it worked out so well (best of all: installing.. ).

Made it down to Matt and Michael’s in time for awesome aps and wine and catching up. Chris then arrived and we had a fabulous dinner (toasted macademia nut-encrusted roast halibut, coconut and Vidalia onion rice and sauteed bok choy in something tasty). So much great conversation. I do love hanging with my brothers (and BIL).

Then settled into a Doris Day-Rock Hudson movie with these goofballs:

Klondyke and Joey….

Sophie and Violet… (or maybe Violet and Sophie..)

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