Happy St. Patrick’s Day!*

March 20, 2021

(*) A few days late….

I should really title this blog: OMG! I am not sure I’ve ever actually made corned beef and cabbage… have always liked it… but never made it myself… that I can remember (may have in a previous life, like, John years, when it was all about cooking)… certainly not in recent decades.

So… stumbled upon a NYT recipe that looked good (not hard to stumble upon a recipe for corned beef and cabbage this time of year; you’d have to go well out of your way to avoid a recipe for corned beef and cabbage right about now) so tried it.. and holy cow, it was fantastic. And so easy peasy I’d be embarrassed to take any credit. But I’ll take some for perfect execution.

We started with this brand from the Coop.

And plunked it in the Crockpot for 4 hours on high with a cup and a half of dry white wine and the package’s spice pack.

At the four hour point, added potatoes, carrots and cabbage:

Three hours later (after a mix of high and low settings), slathered it in a mustard and honey mixture and put it under the broiler for 5 minutes or so until it bubbled and caramelized.

And that was it.

Found some homemade dark beer in the refrigerator that Bob and Tam made (that we got almost four years ago but forgot about) and served it all up.

It was tender enough to cut with a fork. The veggies were perfect. The flavors were insane. Definitely could have eaten twice what we served.

We’ll go at it again tomorrow, and froze two more dinners’ worth for sometime.

I mean really.

Hard to have it only once a year.

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