High on Pot

March 12, 2021

After looking at this pot in our front yard for the past month or so.. I decided it just wasn’t quite right:

I think I thought it was too small. And maybe too shiny.

So… the other day I asked a neighbor where they got their big front yard pot, which I thought was a better implementation… and found out there is a place up the road in Vacaville called Pottery Paradise, right at Pena Adobe Road (have never noticed it before, though it’s very visible from I-80) (that white car’s on I-80):

I found about a dozen that I thought would work… here are some:

I picked one, finally. They loaded it in my car — not a trivial undertaking. It took three people and a fork lift:

I called Ruben on my way home, hoping he might be able to drop by and help Jim and me unload it. He showed up with Little Ruben and the two of them carried it themselves (no fork lift) and got it to its new home:

We found a new home for the shiny bronze one….. right on the front porch! Win win.

One Response to “High on Pot”

  1. blk4609 Says:

    Excellent choice!

    – laurie laurie.rollins3@gmail.com

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