March 6, 2021

And yet another in the great look up series…

So, Jim and I are sitting on the edge of a cold stone planter box in the garden area of Central Park, enjoying Farmer’s Market on a Saturday morning, as we do….

I throw back the last of my coffee, which, since my eyes are open, brings this into view. I almost gagged on my coffee, it was so pretty.

For the millionth time, the moral of the story is always look up. It’s probably more like: keep your eyes open, open your heart, be present to your surroundings, be grateful, life is a gift. Stuff like that. Truly, be mindful of those things and you’ll be rewarded over and over.

Speaking of life. Jim told me he found a life expectancy predictor in a New York Times article today. He completed the extensive survey — all about health and fitness practices, family history, stressors, past behaviors, basic demographic and geographic factors… etc — and learned that he will live to be 96. I’m like, whoa dude! That’s fantastic! So glad you’ll be around to feed me, clean up my messes, and detangle my confusions.

Then I completed the survey and got this:

Now who’s cleaning up whose messes?

We’re not going to be a pretty sight.. but with any luck….

I fessed up about how much candy I eat, how much wine I drink, etc.. who knows how long I’d live w/o those pleasures.

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