Time to Call the Question

December 10, 2020

It’s been time to call the question for years, but now it’s really time. This feels like the moment. You either stick with Trump, or you choose country. Can’t be both. We’ve entered a new level on the ridiculous scale. It’s ridiculous but not funny. It feels like everything’s at stake. We need republicans to finally stand up.

Where are we in the current farce of a presidency, about five weeks beyond the election, about five weeks until inauguration and a supposed imminent transition of power.. ?

He’s taking his election fraud case to the Supreme Court. He got the attorney general from Texas to file a brief with the high court challenging the results in four states (GA, PA, WI, MI). And then yesterday, 17 other red state attorneys general joined in. That’s shocking enough. Then today, 106 congressional reps added their names to the brief. I’m telling you.. this is so weird, and so wrong. He apparently called republican members of congress and applied all kinds of pressure, issued all kinds of threats. Their careers are over if they don’t go along. So, sure, some under duress, 106 of them just ensured their place in history.. forever tied to an historic, ugly, dangerous con that undermines everything, most especially fundamental principles of the constitution. This is no game.

We are living this unraveling of our democracy in real time, right before our eyes. Every single day, the firehose of daily abuse is numbing. It’s been four years of this. We’ve just come to expect he’ll disregard decency and honor, it’s barely a thing. And they just go along, because fealty is required. But this audacious case filed in the Supreme Court! And these attorneys general… the premier arbiters of law… from a majority of red states, PLUS a majority of the republican house? Really? They all signed on! That confers credibility for his case, a case that actually has no credibility at all. It’s 100% frivolous; it will be thrown out. He’s already lost (or had thrown out) fifty-some cases in the last month. This is all simply a PR stunt, a fundraising device, a way to juice his base. Only. But, by lining up a majority of the republican leadership, his version of the story will always have legitimacy, at least with a huge percentage of the country. These folks will never accept that a democrat won this election. Probably not future ones, either. For his part, this is all about 1) soothing his brittle ego, 2) providing him an exit lane and a forever excuse for “losing,” and 3) a way to organize his next chapter. For the country, it’s a threat to everything going forward, damage that will last at least years. We may never recover a healthy democracy.

If it wasn’t clear before, it’s super clear now: He’ll never concede, never admit loss, and will forever claim that he, in fact, won. Is that just crazy? How is this even possible, or okay? A majority of the country thinks this is bonkers… yet, he’s managing to control the whole show, country, world. That POS. Somehow, we are allowing this to happen.

Astoundingly, since his loss in the election, he’s raised hundreds of millions of dollars from his poor, misled base to support his fraud cases (joke’s on them; he can use the money however he pleases).

If any republican ever thought, even privately, whew, he’s now gone, we can get back to being republicans again. I don’t think so. They’re tied to him as long as he’s alive and has a Twitter account and a willing media outlet. They belong to him now. They can’t denounce him; if they do, he’ll destroy them. Hope they enjoy their monster.

Because none had the backbone to stand up at the beginning, so drunk were they with power. So willing were they to bend. They deserve him. But we don’t.

We’re all stuck with him. He’s got the Senate leadership under his thumb, which means no working with Biden on anything. Whatever we get in the next four years will be through executive order, and whatever it is, it will be a fraction of what we should have been able to do. He’ll be calling the shots and directing the reps. He’ll be tweeting his demands and they will follow. Continued absolute fealty will be required, or else.

Where are the people who are elected to represent? Where are the the people who swore to defend the constitution? I feel like this is a moment… they either come to, or we go further down this shockingly grave road.

I just can’t believe they want this.

What I really can’t believe is how numb we are to the true horrors of this presidency. Have people forgotten who he is and what he’s done? How is this even debatable? He’s a pathological liar. His key operating principle is to divide us, turn us into enemies. He is not, nor does he care to be, a president for all of us. He has demonstrably abused his power. He was impeached! He is uninformed, incurious, vindictive, and supremely unethical. He cares not a wit about the people, the diverse people, of this country. He doesn’t value democracy. And let’s not forget that while thousands of people are dying every single day from a virus he failed to adequately address, or even acknowledge, he is watching TV, playing golf and wailing about an unfair election. He is, always and forever, the world’s most long-suffering victim.

Why are they willing to break their oaths to defend the constitution, give up on serving the people, give up on good government, on noble democracy? They’re giving up everything for him?? How the eff does he have the entire world wrapped around his fat fingers. How did he get the entire republican party to bend to his weak will. His grip on these fools has to be pried off. If not now, in this moment, when? They seem ready–at least 106 congressional republicans and 18 attorneys general and who knows how many Senators–to keep their wagons hitched to him… for power, out of fear? (Yes.) I swear to god.. if somebody on the rep side (followed by a tsunami of others) doesn’t stand up to him, I just can’t imagine where this thing goes.

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