Yard Excitements

December 11, 2020

Exciting things happened in both the back and front yards today.

In the back, it was bark day. Ruben’s crew showed up at 8am and were done in a couple of hours. Nothing like a whole bunch of hairy bark to finish the look. Check this out:

Still details to come: some furniture on that mini-patio, including a neato handmade tile table, and a really cool looking screen that will support a flowery vine of some sort. Plus there are two fig trees in that corner that will ultimately grow tall and shady (and figgy… we ALL want some figgy pudding, ya?)

Here is the view from said mini-patio, back toward the house:

Lots to figure out here: there will be a small, colorful tree over by the irrigation valves (this is also where I planted a bunch of poppies last week). There will also be some deck furniture, large flower urns, and who knows what else to spiff up the deck. The barbecue will likely be relocated..

But it’s coming right along. Next big things are the patio (settled on color and concrete stamp today), raised beds (settled on a design today), arbors, another pair of vine-y screens and patio furniture .. all just out of view to the left in this pic.

Okay. And here’s what happened in the front yard this late afternoon: We got our lights up!

That’s Jim on the 16′ ladder. I’m ladder support and light feeder, way down below. And here’s the 8′ ladder part…

These are cool lights.. they attach individually with clips, rather than hanging on nails. Maybe that’s the way they all work now, I’m not sure, but it makes for a nice tight line-o-lights. These are blue-green-purple. I wuv them.

Both yard events happened seconds before the rain fell. Not big rain, but enough to be glad each chore was completed in a timely way. Yay weather karma.

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