We’re Slipping..

December 16, 2020

It’s either Trump or democracy. These are mutually exclusive. It’s time for you people in elected office–who’ve sworn oaths to the constitution–to decide. You perpetuate this myth of a rigged election, continue your dependence on Trump for your political future… and our democracy is over. Because if we can’t even agree on the outcome of an election, we will never move on, we will never unite this country, we will never regain productive governance that will ever be able to address the real threats to democracy: racial injustice, massive income inequality, the climate crisis.. for three. If we can’t even have a functional democracy where elections are accepted as free and fair, where winners are acknowledged and the peaceful transfer of power is a given… there is no hope for addressing the bigger societal challenges.

I’m seriously afraid for us.


From a sweet, less frightful Christmas, long ago…..