Holiday Spirit, One Step at a Time

December 9, 2020


Here’s what I’m already thinking: next year’s going to be really special.

For this year, I’m grateful we’re healthy. I’m grateful Peter’s safe and happy. I’m grateful the biggest struggle is missing Peter. And reality check? That’s all huge.

So I’m going to cowboy up here and figure out how to create a reasonable level of holiday cheer. And especially make sure Peter feels connected and loved, even though he’s a trazillion miles away (not really… only Michigan). We will all reflect on how incredibly fortunate we are, all things considered, and totally raise a glass to 2021, which will surely be a year for celebration, and reunions galore.

Whew. That feels better.

Our tree.. decorated with the ornaments Peter made over the years, and a few other sentimental favorites:

Hey honey… you’re right here. 🙂

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