Legal Beagle*

December 8, 2020

Courtroom drama and snacks! Nothing better.

Jim was an expert witness in municipal court today on a boundary dispute. I’m not supposed to record it (I didn’t), nor take pictures (well.. )…. I took a couple:

First, here’s Jim looking very… expert, no?

And here’s me, enjoying the show:

The trial continues, so I won’t comment. But it was fun.

(* I know… I couldn’t think of a good title. When in doubt, go with something that rhymes.)

2 Responses to “Legal Beagle*”

  1. Sam Behrend Says:

    Sublime Crime?
    Remote Depot?
    Dressed to kill (from the waist up). Sorry, no rhyme.
    Zoomify Testify?

    Never mind. Legal Beagle is better.

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