Those Weird Peterson Frames

December 4, 2020

When you get married and decide you’re keeping your last name, you resign yourself to all manner of last name implementations. It’s all fine, as far as I’m concerned. People often go with what they’re comfortable with. I have older relatives who address me as Mrs. James Frame on envelopes. I never say anything. I’m not bothered. It’s funny (but the effort so very appreciated) when someone goes the full mile and addresses an envelope with Jim Frame, Kari Peterson and Peter Frame. Or they might combine the two Frames. Or they might say The Frame Petersons.

We got a good batch of holiday cards today. It’s starting. Glad to see the pandemic isn’t cramping anyone’s style. Fun that these arrived today:

If I thought I could put my hands on a few (without spending hours searching my ridiculously vast photo archive), I’d post photos of Jim’s and my favorite name butcherings … which are business communiques that are supposed to be addressed to The Peterson Frame Little T Trust but which, as you might imagine, come in a hilarious assortment of creative, if confused, interpretations. Financial institutions just can’t seem to get this one right. I mean, how hard is that? We named our family trust after Peter’s favorite stuffed animal (Little T). Doesn’t everyone?

Reminder: here’s Little T, forever memorialized (not just in the name of our trust–that Peter will have to deal with when we’re long gone, but laughing about from heaven–but in his little case on the piano). Cuz we’re kinda sentimental about this.

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