Dancing Queen

December 5, 2020

So, this is a funny graphic…

…. except that it suggests we’re out of the quarantine woods right about now. But we are not.

As of tonight, most (all?) of California is back to a stay-at-home order. This sort of reminds me of having a 100+ heat wave in September: I can bear it because I know fall is just around the corner. Heat waves in late, late summer are a-ok in my book because it’s that last blast of heat, but it won’t be lasting.

Same with this newly issued public health order. We will be in so-called lockdown for a while, maybe a longer while than we’d like, especially with the holidays upon us. But, the vaccine is coming, help is on the way, as they like to say. So I can deal.

Peter won’t be coming home for Christmas; we finalized that decision today. Extremely disappointing, but we all agreed it felt like the right thing.. better to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. Clear conscience. It will make our eventual reunion all the sweeter. We will have earned a great homecoming, or trip to A2, or wherever/however that reunion happens. It will be a true celebration. It’s been a pretty shitty year for marking occasions and milestones: no college graduation ceremony and celebration; no Thanksgiving; no Christmas. But hey.. we’re all in this awful boat together. Doin’ our part.

Here’s the truly bad news:


Were it not for the above sad state of affairs, I’d have written gleefully about our successful fundraiser for the two Georgia Senate run-off races (Jan 5) and our dance party Zoom event tonight: The Dancing Went Down to Georgia. Our team — the Dancing Democrats of Davis — returned for round two! After our enormously successful October dance party fundraiser raised nearly $48,000 for Senate races in numerous key flippable states (turned out not to be so flippable after all), we — lead by UCD physics professor Lloyd K — organized yet another dance-a-palooza, this time raising just a whisper shy of $30,000. The event was lovely and the music was infinitely danceable! Turned out to be so much fun.

No pics, but take my word for it: it was a hoot… all those squares full of dancing fools. And all that money raised. And ja, ABBA’s song was on the playlist.

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