December 3, 2020

It’s been a lot of years since I planted anything in our garden. Broke that long spell today.

Bought these yesterday:

And had these — a gift to Jim from our landscape designer Claudia, who knew Jim loves poppies:

Gave the bulbs a bit of a lukewarm bath to try and coax the roots into action before planting them in some late fall cool dirt (I did not figure this out on my own):

Then set out to plant them. I was pretty rusty… couldn’t find gardening gloves, or a trowel, or pruning sheers (something I needed to trim, literally, our christmas tree). I have apparently lost my gardening mojo. But I managed to loosen the dirt with a digging fork and hand dug the holes and got about 30-ish bulbs into the ground and scattered a lot of poppy seeds in a spot near the deck.

Here’s a before and after hand shot:

Good news: finally found the box in the garage that had all my gardening stuff… so next time, trowels and gloves.

And.. if I’m honest, I actually enjoyed crawling around in the dirt again. If I manage to set up a nice gardening station, and I’m confident I will, gardening will be fun again. Bring on the raised beds.

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