Peara Firma

December 2, 2020

Jim and I have been great fans of butternut squash for years. Yum yum. Peeling those things is a tough go, though. I prefer buying pre-cut squash, but usually don’t because I can’t take the withering look I’d get from Jim when I happily, if lazily, plop a plastic box of cubed squash on the counter. (True confession: I like pre-triple-washed spinach, too.)

So imagine our ecstatic-ness (ecstasy seems a bit overstated) when we learned a new trick. A butternut squash can be peeled like nobody’s business… if you bake it first. Pop the whole thing, as is, into a 400 degree oven for 30 minutes. That’s it. Peels like a dream and it’s ready to eat.

You let it cool. Then….

Then.. cut it up, add brown sugar and butter (or however you like it):

So.. we had the above squash for dinner, with some spectacular leftover turkey tacos. And here’s where the title of this blog comes in….

We also had a pear .. we’ve been eating a lot of pears lately .. they’ve been really good! But Jim sliced up a pear tonight that was about two days too soon. Which I then characterized as…. peara firma.

Brilliant, no?

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