December 1, 2020

I just want to say that I am extremely, unexpectedly thrilled with the cabinet appointments and nominations that the Biden/Harris administration is putting forward. It’s one thing to say you want a government and a cabinet that looks like and represents America. It’s another to actually see that in action (presuming the ones who require Senate confirmation do, in fact, get confirmed). I wasn’t really prepared for how different that would feel. And how affirming. It matters.

And generally, wow. Biden’s approach to government feels so entirely different (than the previous loser guy’s). His strategy to gather people with experience, experts in their fields, feels so suddenly novel. Hardly even a strategy, just good government. Of course. That they’re women, people of diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, cultures and perspectives, is, of course, such a deep, relaxing breath of comfort and confidence. I’m surprised at how amazing it feels.

Lots yet to unfold. Will Biden be able to do anything at all with a republican majority in the Senate, if that’s how the January special elections turn out? Will he even get cooperation on his cabinet picks? I even read that it’s possible McConnell will stand in the way of even a single Supreme Court pick, no matter when/if the opportunity presents itself during the next four years. Will he really dig in and be that intractable? That obstructionist? So much yet to unfold. We have yet to see whether Biden’s efforts to reach out to reps will make any difference. I wonder if legislators can even recognize this Biden administration as an opportunity to try to return to some kind of normalcy. I’d like to think so. Reasonable and respectful, open minded, open hearted have not been congressional characteristics for a long, long while. Wouldn’t they rather be arguing policy? Must it forever be about just clinging to power at any cost?

If not now, when? Ever? Aren’t they just tired of the embarrassments and inaction and danger to our democracy? Won’t they appreciate Biden’s steadiness and integrity? Biden, whose head is down as he just moves forward with no drama, as the loser guy spits and spins and sounds increasingly–if it’s even possible–unhinged, more unhinged than even ever.

Just dunno.

But circling back: I am so incredibly impressed and so very pleased at what I’ve seen so far. There is great power and symbolism and significance in the kind of government he is building. And hope. A columnist the other day described his presidency so far (well.. unofficial as yet) as restful. I love that.

2 Responses to “Restful”

  1. blk4609 Says:

    We are sending more money to Georgia. This is maybe the fourth or fifth time, I think

    • Kari Says:

      That is awesome, Laurie! Are you doing it independently or recording it on the Dancing Goes Down to Georgia effort?

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