Do the Lit Drop

October 4, 2020

I can add Lit Drop to the list of campaign tasks I’d never done before, but now have.

I delivered these super sized post cards to 140 houses on a geometric shape bound by Miller, A, B, C, D, 6th, 7th and Shepherd’s Ln:

I was usually following Larry Gunther, a candidate for City Council in our district, District 3 (not literally… just finding his door hanger on most doors), like this:

(Interestingly, this is our first District City Council election. There are a thousand things to ponder–as many pros as cons–with these new District elections, but one thing has to rise to the top for council candidates: they can campaign in a far reduced area of the city. This is something I came to appreciate today. I can’t imagine having to do a lit drop all over the town, or knock on doors all over town or distribute lawn signs. If I were a candidate, I’d be loving that. And it prolly reduces expenditures by orders of magnitude.)

Anyway… whew, I’m pooped! The first 90 minutes seemed like a walk in the park. The last 40 … made me wonder why I’d chosen to wear new sneakers without socks … **blister** (ouch). I was sweaty and my N95 was ickily moist.

However.. as tasks go, lit drops: have a start time, an end time, a measurable result, are very useful, and.. I logged nearly 13,000 steps in about 5 miles, and closed my red and yellow circles. Bonus!

Plus, I got to talk to some neighbors and check out others’ creative lawn signs–some I’d never seen. Check these out:

How satisfying is that?

This is less political….

….. and yet says so much about the times we find ourselves in.

I’m not rushing to do another lit drop, but it was a nice enough way to spend a couple hours this morning and gave me a whole new appreciation and RESPECT for mail carriers!

(I’m going to have to ask Kathi how many homes she delivers to on a daily basis!)

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