So look, I know my subject matter has narrowed down to, like, four rotating topics — politics, food, Peter and politics. I could–maybe should–suspend blogging for awhile, but my OCD will not abide. Must continue the daily practice… because, if I don’t… well… I won’t. And then no bloggy. At all.

My nerves are frayed and bandwidth is limited, and all’s that’s on my mind these days is the election and bringing a deep and just humiliation upon the current office holder on Nov 3. My anger knows no bounds when it comes to him, the damage he has wrought, the sheer fact of him occupying the office of the presidency. How. Did. This. Ever. Happen.


I have a million things to write, but they’re all political — I give great speeches throughout the day.. on walks, in the shower. By the time I’m ready to write I’m just weary or my great speech is not top of mind. For example, I had a great comeback for Joe in last night’s debate about clean energy. I had an even better response to the court packing question. They were great speeches, but they’ve faded into the recesses.

But, see, that’d still be just another political post. I need fresh material. I am adding that to the growing list of post-election things I plan to turn my attention to. Man, I can hardly wait.

Okay, so, having reached paragraph #5 without having said a single thing, let me fall back on my real favorite topic: Peter. Who called today while I was in the middle of a phone bank (Arizona was on the docket this afternoon), and who was so buoyant and Friday-afternoon-ish, and, I don’t know, but he thought I might enjoy a quick FaceTime conversation as he walked home among those deep red and yellow trees. I just can’t tell you. Some days a person really needs a respite, and along he comes which cheery tales of fluid simulation.

I was telling Jim this evening, he seems so damn content. Nothing, but nothing makes a parent’s heart soar like a happy kid who’s in a good place, growing in every way imaginable.