Veep Debate

October 7, 2020

Let me just say, debates (like these) don’t work for me. I hate it when people don’t follow the rules. For starters. And then the format is so stiff and orchestrated, and the answers so scripted and well-rehearsed, designed to score zingers for one person or another. The whole thing’s a zinger factory.

Thankfully, most are saying that Kamala won decisively. I feel like she could have been a lot more aggressive and could have pointed out a lot more of their profound failings. She looked a couple of times as though she had no comeback and could only muster silence and a smile. Others saw those reactions differently… so maybe my interpretation’s wrong. Doesn’t matter. Nobody places much weight on the VP debate. She did no harm; held her ground, mostly. So.

This will be yesterday’s news before it turns into yesterday.

Let me also add, though, if I can find the right words: Pence is an insufferable pr*ck. I never use that word. I find it vulgar and embarrassing to even say. I don’t often use d*ck, either, for the same reason, but that shoe also fits. His condescension, his mansplaining, his smooth radio talkshow host persona. Shudder. His faux concern and phony furrowed brow scream disingenuous. He’s as scary and disturbing as the boss whose boots he licks, but in an entirely different way. I’ll be forever mystified by this Pres/VP pairing. The creepy, uptight evangelical couple and the indecent, crass grifter couple. Mys. Ti. Fied. I’m telling you, these people really undo me.

I take great comfort in being on the side of intelligence, truth, facts, humanity, decency.

And that fly on Pence’s head for a full two minutes in the middle of the debate. Funniest thing I saw post-debate:

Thanks, Justice.