Dance for Democracy

October 3, 2020

And now for something completely different… a Zoom cocktail party followed by a Zoom dance party. Maybe these days, with everything online, it’s not that unusual, but still… 90 minutes of dancing! With real sweat. On Zoom.

Here’s the crazy thing: we raised over $40,000.

Lloyd had this fun idea about a week ago: make a playlist of dance music, invite people to Zoom in and dance. A graphic was created, people were invited. To attend, they had to give any amount of money to democratic candidates of their choice and just let us know how much they gave. He set up a matching fund in order to give folks an incentive, though I’m not sure that really served any purpose; people just gave.. and so generously! We’d offered a “giving guide” which helped people decide the most strategic races to support. The analysis was done by a group called the Princeton Election Consortium. They’ve been around since 2004. I’d not heard of them but am adding them to my list of election analysis resources.

There were 42 squares of people at the dance portion of the party. It’s hard to say exactly how many people total, because some squares had two, some one… but somewhere between 42 and 84 people were there. I think we had somewhere around 60+ individuals who donated money.

All and all: fun and productive! Let me just say again: in a week’s time, this goofy little dance party generated $40,000 for the most strategic Senate races in the country.

Not bad.

Here’s a screen shot of the pre-dance cocktail party:

Here’s our dance floor.. and Jim caught mid-move. Note my laptop. Note the dance crocs. Note he’s holding a dishtowel because he’s in the middle of making dinner.

Here’s about the funniest picture I’ve ever seen of Jim. He couldn’t recreate that expression if you gave him a million bucks. Not sure what’s going on with the fists.

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