You’re Very Welcome

November 16, 2016

We’ve given to organizations fighting for common sense gun laws for years and years. I’ve been a member of the ACLU since 1989. We’re longtime members of NPR. We’ve given on and off to the Sierra Club and Planned Parenthood.

That’s just a quick inventory off the top of my head..  there are many more.

But thanks to our new President, sensible gun laws, civil liberties, a free and open press, the environment and women’s rights are all at serious risk.

So in addition to the above, today we made a donation to ProPublica — journalism and investigative reporting in the public interest (Pulitzer Prizes in 2010, 2011, 2016)….





And to the Natural Resources Defense Council….





There will be work to do, as well, but donating money is a good place to start.


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