Gonna Take an Academic Journey

November 17, 2016

It was a bit of a momentous project day. I didn’t really realize how much so until I finished this one thing that’s been on my list for a very long time.

The two sentence backstory is this: I save, cull, sort, and binderize Peter’s school work. Have done it since day care days.

I was actually a year behind, so 11th and 12th grade were both on the list.  AND… today I finished those. Here they are on the shelves..


And here’s the shelf below, which dates back to kindergarten…


… and I also have preschool, daycare and even a box of birth stuff.


Below this shelf are large portfolios full of the best of Peter’s art.

Here’s what the inside of a binder looks like:


You are reading the comments of someone very pleased that this project can be checked off the list! It’s one of the more tedious things I’ve ever done as a hyper-documenting, obsessive-compulsive mom. And I’ve done some pretty hyper-documenting, obsessive-compulsive things, let me tell you.

Here’s what makes it worthwhile: 1) the binders contain a lot–though not ALL– of Peter’s work over the years so when/if he looks through all this stuff years from now, he’ll have a pretty good sense of the academic side of his school life; 2) it was tedious and time consuming, but it’s done; and 3) Peter actually really appreciates it (he’s looked through a few of the binders over the years when he needed some info). He told me college will be a lot easier to do (!), to which I replied, “dude…” (though, if he really wants me to, I’ll probably do it).

If you saw the condition of the raw material, you’d be a lot more impressed!

But here’s the thing: this represents a phenomenal body of work. HIS, not mine! From pre-school to 12th grade…it is a LOT of learning. The distance these kids travel from their earliest efforts to draw a stick figure or form the letter A, to solving a problem in AP physics or composing an inspiring, well-crafted college essay… is so mind blowing.

And the journey is pretty much all contained on those two shelves.

Anyway… one day I imagine it’ll all be recycled, or perhaps he’ll recycle most, but keep a few of his favorite things, who knows. It’ll totally be his choice…. I did this part… the rest is his.

And now, cuz I’m singing it…..

Gonna take a sentimental journey
Gonna set my heart at ease
Gonna make a sentimental journey
To renew old memories

I got my bag, i got my reservation
Spent each dime i could afford
Like a child in wild anticipation
I long to hear that: “all aboard!”

Seven, that’s the time we leave – at seven
I’ll be waiting up for heaven
Counting every mile of railroad track – that moves me back

I never though my heart could be so yearny
Why did i decide to roam
Gotta take a sentimental journey
Sentimental journey home

Written by Benjamin Homer, Bud Green, Jacques (f) Plante, Les Brown • Copyright © The Songwriters Guild Of America, Warner/Chappell Music, Inc

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