How’s about some pretty fall foliage? These were taken from our relatively early morning walk to Farmer’s Market yesterday, but could easily have been from today’s early morning walk to brunch. So I’m sharing them…

Russell Boulevard, between A and B..


Walking south on University Ave…


The market yesterday was super sparkly and bright… not to mention unseasonably warm (70s again)…


I got a new thing… it’s mocha and chocolate on the inside, cocoa and sugar artfully applied to the outside, and so, so, SO good (though I felt a wee bit sick a little later… too much sugary, fat goodness on a Saturday morning…not to say I won’t buy it again).

And absolutely NO SYMBOLISM here… even though my blog’s title suggests otherwise.

Though… heck… why don’t we look at it symbolically anyway… my nod to trying to move forward in these pukily horrible times:


The other thing I find enormously helpful in troubled times: look at the sky. Just do it. Look up, clear your head, take in the moment. Don’t think about yesterday or tomorrow or Trump. Just the beautiful sky, as viewed from our miracle of a planet, at this precious moment in time.


Da balm.