Leady Licorice

November 15, 2016

You thought the news couldn’t get worse?

My favorite little candy indulgence, Gustaf’s Double Salt Licorice…


… is not available at Newsbeat anymore. In fact the funny fellow behind the counter told me that it is not available anywhere in California because it was found to contain lead in a quantity of parts per million that exceeded some allowable, safe standard.

I’m like wha….?

(I love saying, “I’m like wha….?” )

I did a little research and found this to be absolutely TRUE. Traces of lead were found in certain kinds of licorice. As a result, there’s a ban in California. Not other states.. but health-minded California, yes.

If desperate, I could get it on Amazon… but who wants to eat lead?

Here’s how Amazon deals with the FDA warning. You have to click on the California residents link to get the full Prop 65 warning.








And I have to say, I’m pretty glad for two things:  1) a proposition system that lead to the codification of a brand new 2) regulation, a regulation designed to protect consumers.

So there. Two annoying things…  but things, nonetheless, there for our benefit.



2 Responses to “Leady Licorice”

  1. A. Giles Says:

    Could we send a case to the inauguration?

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