House Concerts

October 15, 2016

Forever, it seems, I’ve been on the mailing list for Bill Wagman’s house concerts in Davis, and until last night, had never gone to one.

At the recommendation of a music friend (Jeff), Jim and I decided to go last night to hear a guy named Rick Shea (hails from Covina, of all places).

Not a lot to say about this, except I liked the intimate setting (about forty people), liked seeing a few people we knew there, liked having a glass of wine (even cheap, even in a plastic cup), and loved the music.

There was even an opening act… Peter and Gabby, “The Good Intentions” from Liverpool, England, believe it or not:


Rick played a few songs with them…


…before he took the stage alone:


(As you can see, I experimented with a few different filters… the lighting was low, so nothing really came out…)

And I liked him so much, I bought a CD (of course… never met a folk singer I didn’t like):


I’d NEVER have had him sign it, but Gabby put a pen in my hand and said in her thick english accent, “Go on, he’d love to autograph it for you.”  So I did, and he did. It felt utterly silly, but there ya go.

House concerts.




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