La Note

October 14, 2016

It was breakfast with Elliot in Berkeley day–always right up there in the category of fun times reconnecting with valued buddies.

Lots conspired to make it a non-routine get together–a huge storm that was expected to slam into the west coast (it did, but it was manageable); the traffic that goes with the first big storm of the season (we each experienced accident-induced slow downs on our respective commutes); Rick and Ann’s was closed for construction (wha…??); parking was hard to come by at our chosen Shattuck Ave. alternative (and I futzed and futzed and futzed with my parking meter while trying to hold onto my very unwieldy umbrella); the line to get into La Note was out the door with a forty minute wait (in aforementioned rain)….

BUT… by the time we were in a sheltered part of the line, and especially by the time we were eventually seated, everything was its usual great.

We’d eaten at La Note before, but it had been years. We’ve come to appreciate routine.. and eating each time at the same place–Rick and Ann’s, across from the famed Claremont Hotel–was just one less thing to figure out (it’s hard enough finding workable dates for our 2-3 times/year brunches!).

Breakfast was EXCELLENT… brioche with a lavender honey spread, omelet with emanthaler cheese and ham, tomatoes a la provencale, and cafe au lait (the place is country french). Elliot had a fancy pancake with a raspberry spiral atop, a pile of bacon, scrambled eggs and toast.

Here’s the place:


We might have to go back there next time.



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