The Monte Vista

September 4, 2016

A good place for dinner, if you’re in the neighborhood is the Monte Vista Inn, at the Dutch Flat exit off I-80. It’s called an inn, but it isn’t one; it’s a restaurant.


It’s like a Cheers hangout for the people who live up there… i.e., our hiking buddies.

We drove up to meet them for dinner tonight.. here’re Heidi and Jim in the bar:


Here’s Heidi’s Jim chattin’ up some locals (they know everybody):


Here we are toward the end of a two hour dinner:


Me, Heidi, Susan and three Jim’s (mine’s taking the picture at my request).

They do desserts. Really good desserts. They make most of them all onsite and it’s hard to decide which way to go. Jim and I split a chocolate chip bundt cake with vanilla ice cream. Coulda gone the pie route..


Good time had by all.


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