Catching Up

September 4, 2016

You really takin’ a picture of me mid-bite??


Me? No, no… taking a [very unflattering] picture of dad testing out the french toast!


So happy to be back in town with my guys, engaging in our Sunday morning brunch ritual, this time at Village Bakery and Pizza…


On a beautiful morning…


So incredibly happy to be home.


And, can’t not post a couple of aerials from yesterday’s flight:

Leaving LA, PV peninsula in distance, of course…


And dropping into the Sacramento Valley…





And with that, I’ve caught up with a summer of blogs. If you’re a regular reader, or even not, you’ve noticed, or not, that I’ve bounced all over the place, adding a blog post here and there, completely out of order, all in an untimely way. It’s been a crazy time of vacations (Hawaii, Yosemite, La Jolla), celebrations (graduation, grad night, Peter’s 18th birthday and River’s 1st, Jim’s 45th high school reunion) mixed with several trips south to be with mom, and I haven’t been able to keep up with blogging. I’ve backfilled as time allowed–confusing everyone along the way–but now I’m caught up. Whew.


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