Summer Devils Revisited

June 28, 2016

I have not a single photo, nor memory of what happened on Monday, June 27. A resettling day, not doubt, post vacation. My list that day was long and unremarkable… finish unpacking, laundry, organize house, clean out emails, settle up with Bairs/Comingores, make flight reservations to LA, back blog Hawaii…and so much more.

Today, however, was fun.

Attended my first summer baseball game. Marched right into the press box and sat down with these guys… this summer’s scorekeepers: Korlyn and Rick (with a fraction of Tyler behind).

No worries about hits or errors. No worries about player substitutions. No worries about nuthin. Just enjoyed the game and tried not to cry.


I believe they won, but I’ve already forgotten!  And.. there were a few kids I did not know. What is that? Are you telling me baseball just keeps rolling along, even without us?

I have a hunch of lot of Davis life is going to be like this. I also suspect there are wisdoms in there to be had.


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