Richard’s Underpass

June 29, 2016

People in Davis get this…


It’s a whole bunch of traffic choked through a small, two-lane opening under the railroad overpass at Richard’s Boulevard… the grand entrance to Downtown Davis, California.

It’s a messy mess of a road, impacted at most times of the day. But maybe we love it?

A majority of citizens, including me, voted to maintain that two-lane road way back in I-don’t-know-what-year. I think it was called Measure E back then. Huge revamping of the under-crossing and surrounding area, but voted down because it threatened the character of downtown Davis. We citizens, including me, again voted down, just last month, an infill project (Nishi, Measure A) that would have, among other things, allocated a million or so bucks to improve this under-crossing.  I’m having a bit of voter’s remorse on that one… but that’s another story.

Don’t know what’s ever going to become of this under-crossing. But I was amused today, as I sat, waiting, for this huge car-carrying 18-wheeler, to negotiate its way through the 13 foot, 6 inch tunnel. We all waited. It was sort of touch and go. He did finally make it with inches to spare.


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