Make Up Celebrations

June 26, 2016

Ah, Sunday, back in Davis.

Reunited with Jim, we could properly fete his fatherhood.  We’d missed Father’s Day, due to being in Hawaii, so celebrated this day–a week later. We gave him a card, some Hawaii stuff and our eternal gratefulness for a job so very well done (though not over!).

He loved the replica of the survey monument from Haleakala–a Christmas ornament–and looked askance at the beeeeautiful Hawaiian shirt we picked out, because, damn, it’s just way too big. Will have to have it altered. I’ve got a plan.

And then, we got to celebrate Peter’s birthday at Janet’s. She served up her usual great dinner and..



Here are the boys… friends since Fall of 2004 when they met and played together on the Blue Flames soccer team–Peter’s one and only team sport venture outside of baseball. One season. One bonk on the head. That was that.


Man, did we connect as families. I remember sitting on the grass at Community Park with Paul and Janet after one of our first games (while the boys ran around). I think our conversation lasted about two hours. Maybe more. A thousand things to talk about.

And it has continued just like that for twelve years, and counting, through several vacations (Southwest roadtrip, Northwest roadtrip, Kauai, numerous trips to Yosemite), countless Saturday nights, New Years Eves, some Christmas Eves, birthdays, baseball. Friends still, even through divorce. Fantastic that the boys not only stayed friends, but followed a remarkably similar path through their baseball careers–little league, district teams, travel teams (all different teams because of the difference in their ages), and finally together–both POs–on the Davis High School varsity team.

Seeds sown on the Blue Flames.

I have a million pictures of them on birthdays through the years… here’s one in 2009.. posing with a birthday bat. Probably one Paul suggested, probably a score on eBay.


Here’s probably our most memorable Peter-birthday celebration, the cake in face in Glenwood Springs Colorado, 2007. Would he like it or hate it?  I wasn’t sure. We gave the waitress the go-ahead, she did the deed, and … he loved it.


A most memorable moment.

And because I’m in that part of of the photo archive and can’t resist, a couple more shots from that trip–good times with the Bolle Boys:



(Airport shots, returning home following 2007 roadtrip…)

And life marches on.



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