Speaking of Journeys

June 3, 2016

This being June 3… it’s the 7th anniversary of David’s presence at Compassion Corner, and, overall, the anniversary of his journey with compassion. To mark the anniversary each year, he engages in a compassion marathon. He starts at midnight and remains at 3rd and C for the next 24 hours, meditating, talking with and/or listening to others, thinking.

It’s nice.

This morning at about 7, I went down to say hi:


School is very, very much winding down. Today was Peter’s last Friday of school! If that’s a thing. Only three more days of Davis High School, three more days of grade school. Then fini.

Here’s a casual shot that I took surreptitiously (I hope), of Ray, Solly and Peter, hanging out after school today :


That’s the HUB sprawled out on the counter, the annual final issue that lists where everyone’s going to school (or if they’re working or taking a gap year). Can’t imagine what they are laughing about here.

This particular HUB issue is another one of those end of year things I’ve been anticipating for years. Starting in kindergarten, you know that graduation is coming and that all the kiddos will be embarking on their post high school lives twelve years later. I’ve been so dying to see how some of these kids that we met in nursery school, or at Chavez, or who we played with on some baseball team, or whatever, turn out… where or how they will be taking their next steps.  It is a fascinating journey (speaking of journeys), and this is a huge part of it.



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