Cherry and Tad

June 2, 2016

One of my teeny little problems in life is that I have selective dyslexia. I experience no dyslexia whatsoever, except when it comes to my sister-in-law, Teri, and her husband, Chad. For some reason, my brain just can’t get their names right, but only when I’m using both of their names at the same time, for example, “What time are Cherry and Tad arriving?” I have to run through all the iterations, perhaps a couple of times, before I finally arrive at the correct pair: Cherry and Tad; no, Tad and Cherry; no, Teri and Chad; wait, yeah, Teri and Chad.

That’s all there is to that story.

I just needed a lead-in for my blog, as I wanted to share a photo or two of them, taken during their visit this past week, because I really love when we see them, wish it was more often, and hope in our new future–Peter in college, Chad and Teri both retired (imminently)–we’ll be able to do that.

Plus, I think my occasional bout with dyslexia is kind of interesting, and certainly amusing… to me, anyway.

So a couple of photos. I posted this one already, but I like it a lot–taken at Aunt Annita’s service a week ago.


Chad looks a little like Dick Cheyney. Which is fascinating because his last name IS Cheyney and he actually IS related to Dick, in a distant way. It’s kind of remarkable that there is that much resemblance.

Another, this one with Jim:


Here’s one a few days later, when Teri and Chad visited us in Davis. Having lunch at Jim’s favorite haunt:

IMG_3129 (1)

Great pic of the Frame sibs.





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