Let the Celebrations Begin..

June 4, 2016


The graduation parties began today.

I tried to have regular old party conversations with folks, but all I could think of was wow, these guys used to be kindergarteners. 

Like for example, Jacob, whose party this was, used to run around with Peter like this:

hammock spring chair peter 009 (1)

And Peter and Eli were best buddies for most of the elementary school years:


And now Jacob, Eli and Peter are practically men.


Reed and Peter looked like this when they graduated from sixth grade:


And now they look like this:



I know it happens. It’s just…


Here are a few more shots of the boys from Jacob’s graduation party… Jacob, Eli, Peter and Reed:


Jordon, Jacob, Eli, Peter, Reed, Frank and Daniel.


More of this to come. Please bear with.

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