Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

September 12, 2015

Not to be dramatic, but California’s burning. The CalFire map of active fires is frightening. Hot, brittle, dusty from lack of moisture.. and the air is brown and smoky. Feels all end-timey around here. Not to be dramatic.

I just hate this.

The fire that is causing all the brown skies hereabouts is probably the big Butte fire… some 60,000+ acres, maybe 5-10% contained. Sally’s parents in Mountain Ranch are in the evacuation zone… evacuated yesterday. Holing up in Bear Valley. Awaiting news of their home… is it still standing? Has it been looted? Sickening either way.

We’re not affected directly by any of this, of course. But the anxiety is ever present–four years and counting. It’s the drought, it’s climate change, it’s the withering away of so much of California’s ecosystems. Unfathomably sad.

Feel like we’re living in a sci-fi movie about the end of the earth.

I (I’m not alone) am craving moist, wet, cool, nourishing… something, anything, in a deep, verdant green….

Instead… hot, harsh, dry, smoky.


2 Responses to “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes”

  1. Sabrina OHanleigh Says:

    My feelings exactly. And where is that lovely dark brown gardening soil? Sabrina

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    • Kari Says:

      I know… we have a yard full of unhappy plants and trees. I know people are saying a productive El Nino will be both a blessing and a curse… but it’s water. I’m ready for a deep, earth saturating soak.

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