It’s Still Brown

September 13, 2015

Sally’s parents’ house in Calaveras county is still standing as over 65 thousand acres have burned around them.

I can’t even log onto the CalFire website. I imagine it’s jammed as people search for the latest news on a dozen or so fires burning all over the state. I’ve decided they’ll burn whether I’m updated or not, so I’m not going to add to the jam. Suffice to say, it’s a hot mother.

The surfaces inside our house are covered in a fine layer of ash from both the Butte and Valley fires. (Hmm, perhaps we shouldn’t leave the windows open at night with the whole house fan sucking cooler air in?)

Other stuff has been going on this weekend, but the fires burn in the background. The smell, the chest burn, the color of the air–all a sickening reminder.

Serena lost her bid to become the first person since 1988 to win four majors in a calendar year–quite a big deal in the tennis universe. But it’s still brown.

Peter pitched a LOVELY two innings at yesterday’s game against PG–six up, six down, three kays. But it’s still brown.

Janet came home from Australia and regaled us with stories; she is renewed and readier than ever to start a new phase of life. But it’s still brown.

Monica and Dror came for dinner, got a flat tire, unexpectedly stayed the night (as nobody–if you can imagine this–sells Nissan Leaf tires at 8:00pm on a Saturday night). But it’s still brown.

David returned from his year-long Compassion Tour full to the brim with love, gratitude and stories. But it’s still brown.


Taken out the window looking east while stuck behind a tractor on Road 102 on my way to the airport earlier this afternoon.


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