August 27, 2015

Lost in yesterday’s red-letter moment–the start of Peter’s year at the top of the school-age food chain–was a spontaneous trip down to Santa Cruz with Lorilyn.

Lorilyn’s family’s saga continues as Allen’s 3-year work contract ended in Singapore, Quinn begins yet another new school–this time in Northern California–they are reunited with their sweet doggie Aqua, and they have just found a place to settle into, for at least a year, right here in Sacramento. Long story short, there was a key–a very important key–locked in a safe-box in the Santa Cruz house–that was needed up here in Sacramento, and a trip down to get it was a great vehicle for hours and hours and hours of catching up.

So we did that.

More important than all the crazy details of Lorillyn’s family’s life–which they manage with amazing creativity and grace–is the reconnection with a cherished friend.

If life is about family, friends, community, love, sharing, giving….   I feel blessed.

The work of the day was about 1) getting that key; and 2) hauling as many boxes back to Sacramento as would fit in a Toyota Highlander… and still have room for Aqua dog. We built a dog cave:


She was sad to miss a romp on the beach, and sad with limited attention… note very sad face… but satisfied, I think, with her temporary digs…

Next time, Aqua.

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