Last First Day

August 26, 2015

It’s going to be a year of lasts.

(Fair warning…I could get obsessed and overwrought with this whole last thing. For example, I was ecstatic when filling out the PTA and volunteer forms for the last time, and pulling together all that registration paperwork FOR THE LAST TIME, and I imagine I’ll have plenty to say about Peter’s senior year and all its many significances as the year goes on. Please bear with.)

With just a smidge of ado, here is the last in the series of first day of school photos.


Each first day of school photo was taken, more or less, in the same place–next to the front yard sycamore tree (minus second grade, which has mysteriously gone missing). I have to say, while not an original idea, this first day photo project was executed pretty well, and it was quite cool to look at the whole collection, which I ceremoniously posted to Facebook today.

As you might expect, he grows and matures as the series progresses (it’s true!), as does the tree–the tree being that tree, the one planted when Peter was a teeny tiny baby, the one fertilized with his super-duper-vitamin-rich-high-octane placenta, which we’d stashed in the freezer until we’d found the perfect use for it.. lo those many years ago.

We are particularly proud of, and mightily impressed by, the health of that tree.

So anyway, this year’s photo required a flash because Peter’s taking off way earlier than usual to attend the traditional Senior Sunrise…. a breakfast offered to, well, seniors. Kind of a big deal, I guess, as they all seem to go.

The first of many such things to come this year.


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