August 25, 2015

Home. A bit disoriented. But after a flurry of re-entry tasks last night and today, am ready to resume life as a normal Davis person.

We got in last night at about 6:30. Unpacked, separated out the dirty clothes, put a million things away, got through all 1460 emails (the ruthless way), found my computer and iPad–which were so well hidden I couldn’t find them for the longest time–and generally reorganized and reassembled life.

Today, we restocked the kitchen, which’d been emptied of all perishable items, and now has, once again, lots of perishables. Finished all the laundry, moved back into my normal purse, called my mom, looked at the 2000-some photos on two devices, culled some and uploaded the rest to my computer. Dealt with random little details here and there, fell asleep for two hours (the first nap I’ve ever taken in my whole life, just about) and am now backing up my computer with all its brand new vacation pics.

Got Peter ready for his first day of school, too–forms, check writing, lunch assembly. He’ll be up at the crack of dawn for the traditional senior sunrise breakfast (I think they call it). And so begins a huge, big, important year.


Speaking of the kid I love so much…. as soon as we got back last night, he changed out of his stale airline clothes–rumpled and smelly from a 24-hour travel day–brushed his teeth, gunky from same, and headed out to meet his pub quiz team. He spent the next couple hours or so huddled with four other guys answering questions and solving problems covering a range of topics… as pub quizzes do. He thinks they came in 7th. Which I think he thinks is pretty good.

While my brain was toast.

The stamina. Boggles my feeble mind.

Will start blogging the trip, oh, maybe tomorrow, and back filling as I go. In the meantime, I did manage to get myself over to Mishka’s for a late morning break… it was heavenly, and oh so familiar.


PS. These are not short shorts. When i stand up, they go all the way to the knee caps. Where they belong.

2 Responses to “Back”

  1. basykes Says:

    Glad to have you home safe and sound, but will miss your wonderful photos on FB.

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